Environmental Health

Mother Earth is a sentient being. She breathes oxygen through her flora, she drinks water through her climatic cycles, and she eats through the infinite number of organisms involved in the decay of matter. In turn, she has given us everything we have ever needed for our own sustainability and well being.

“It’s not easy being green.” -Kermit the frog

Environmental health considers the relationship between our natural and man-made environments and obviously encompasses issues like pollution, renewable resources, and disease control.

Now that biotechnology is big business, we have a whole new environmental issue that is so shocking that the first time we hear it, most of us will pass it off with complete disbelief.

Scientists across the globe have given us as little as a few years before our natural resources for energy and water are completely depleted or unfit for consumption.

Biotechnology, Time To Take A Closer Look

Environmental issues are taken on a rather science fiction story line through the advancements in nano and biotechnology. Genetically modified organisms GMOs contained in our foods as well as innovative pest control fall into this chapter of human evolution. The agricultural industry has been experimenting heavily with pesticides, herbicides, and toxic chemicals since WWII, do you have any idea what they are up to now? Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Sustainability, Are You Prepared?

We must consider the health for all sentient beings within a model of sustainability or it pitches our global community out of balance and someone loses. Renewable energy and green energy resources are available now and support a universal model for healthy living. No one has to lose; make the choice now.

We have the knowledge and technology today to reduce our carbon footprint by 90%. However, it will take a unified movement as consumers to put our dollars where the solution is.

Emergency Preparedness falls within our idea of what it means to be sustainable. Our ability to both navigate through as well as bounce back with disaster recovery skills can be one of the most important aspects of sustainability...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Pollution and Consumption

We cannot keep our head in the sand any longer. Human kind’s consumption of the non-renewable resources, like clean water and fossil fuels, is on the pinnacle of damaging the ecosystem beyond repair. Additionally, our unchecked population growth and pollution factors means our immediate action is required if this generation is to live healthy and naturally into the 21st Century.

You know the joke- the cockroach will survive anything; most all other creatures will not.

Now we must consider the latest twist in pollutant compounds and how exposure to nanotechnology is affecting our already fragile eco-system.

Click through the link above to access the articles in the section which are hardly the main stream reports on pollution, toxins, and whether or not we will survive the growing toxicity of our planet.

"May we of the nations, tribes, and families find leaders who don’t want to remain silent and profess ignorance when the people are sprayed without permission; may we the people find the courage to defend our future generations, even if at a cost of one family at a time against this war upon the most beautiful creation in all the galaxies - LIFE."
-Dr. Colodzin

Disease Control has a New Weapon

The same incredible discoveries in cloning and stem cell research have also created new breeds of bio engineered insects and pathogens. Justified as the latest fight to protect our crops and live stock, they are being released into our environment. Yes, let’s repeat that. Experiments and discoveries in gene splicing have developed advanced nano materials, including inorganic compounds, to design new ‘bugs’. They are specifically engineered to invade and destroy the cell of another organism. This latest technology is prevalent in both the medical and agricultural industry today. More to come.

This is all happening now.

We are not educated, let alone prepared for what ripples of change all this will create and there isn’t much time!

Entering here will take you into the some of the biggest issues standing in the face of our very human existence.

It’s not just about global warming any more.

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Our health will come naturally when we restore the balance between environmental, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health. This healthy change will come when we educate, collaborate, and participate. Change is coming, are you prepared?