Pollution and Consumption

Human kind and especially the American lifestyle seems to be on an mission of mass consumption of our non-renewable resources. We are on the pinnacle of damaging our ecosystem beyond repair. As long as this issue is pushed to the back of the television schedule, many have no clue just how precious these irreplaceable resources are for our sustainability and environment. It is discouraging to hear anyone try and argue that this is all just a conspiracy theorist alarm button and therefore casually toss off so many facts that are being scientifically proven daily.

The simple fact as our global numbers tip the scale of over 6 million inhabitants, should be enough to raise the question...how are we going to keep this up? The accumulating toxins ravaging our land, air, and water is creating unprecedented pollution.

This section on pollution and consumption will take the top resources needed for our survival and open a discussion we hope stimulates solutions. It doesn't do any good to sit back and complain, we are looking for solid solutions that will provide clean drinking water, clean air, and biodynamic land that are free from the hazardous waste and chemicals that is an unfortunate by-product to our glorious industrial revolution and future of our now present technological revolution.

Water Pollution vs Bottled Water

The documentary called Flow is a tough look at what may be the number one issue for our ability to live a healthy life of sustainability just a few years from now.

Water pollution now causes an estimated 500,000 to 7 million people to get sick in the United States alone. Water treatment plants are unable to remove rocket fuel, industrial chemicals, and the very large increase of dumping pharmaceuticals down the toilet as a means of disposal...Read more by clicking the title of article above.

Air Pollution From Aerial Spraying

We have lived and dealt with the issues air pollution from aerial spraying ever since WWII. Public awareness about air pollutants and their affect on clean air, ebbs and flows depending on the latest reports and videos that document this global condition.

But there is something new in the analysis and composition from aerial debris; the particles now being dispersed in our skies come from a long list of engineered compounds that are part of the newly arising industry of 'Nanotechnology'...Read more by clicking the title of article above.

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