Sustainability, Are You Prepared?

Most of our environmental health issues are the symptoms to our real problem, which is our culture and our consumerism. As the American, we do not shop while thinking about green energy resources.

Every year, 500 billion dollars is spent in advertising. We are being programmed to be ignorant consumers. Consumption is totally out of balance. Numbed our senses, we are rushing around permanently needy and trying to compensate by shopping and using.

Americans spend more money maintaining their lawn than India collects in it's federal tax revenues.

Our oceans are fished out over 90% and most of the fish farming industry is being created and managed with the same high waste producing, unhealthy feeding and raising conditions, and un-sustainable model as our conventional animal husbandry industry.

The agricultural industry and conglomerates of shipping, packaging, and retailing our food produce more waste than salable goods.

Our planet’s ability to sustain its population, without fossil fuel or some alternative energy resource, will provide for a maximum of 1 billion people. Do you want someone else making these decisions for you and your family?

Environmental Sustainability

We are way beyond the discussion of global warming. It is time for each one of us to ask how we can support renewable energy and sustainable energy products. Green energy is not a fad that we can choose whether or not to participate with, it is now a crucial aspect to our environmental sustainability as we move into our future in the 21st century. Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Sustainability, emergency preparedness, and disaster recovery.

Are you prepared to take charge of you food and water? What would happen to you and your family today, if for any reason be it natural or man-made, you were cut off from these sources? So many of us have lost touch with the simple, basic skills like making a fire and farming or hunting for food. Never mind the incredible discomfort and mayhem that can happen as so graphically demonstrated in the hurricane Katrina disaster.

This series of articles will take us back to some grassroots knowledge and highlight the resources that are available and recommended for us to be prepared for these un-thinkable and yet more likely than ever events.
To publish soon.

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Our health will come naturally when we restore the balance between environmental, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health. This healthy change will come when we educate, collaborate, and participate. Change is coming, are you prepared?