Is it true that the only way we are willing to Change anything is by being forced to the edge of a precipice?

This says a lot about our very nature; apparently we are complacent when comfortable and fearfully stubborn to the end.

The fact is, despite medical interventions employed by most, our health continues to decline at an alarming rate.

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It is time to WAKE UP, put the remote control down, and back away from the television. Look up and pay attention to what is unfolding before us as individuals and as global inhabitants.

This site was created by Ramona Melvin from the Healing GrapeVine.

Inspired by her recovery from Lyme disease, she has become an expert in the health and wellness field and specifically with the healing properties of far infrared therapy and the use of a Far Infrared Sauna to catalyze her full Recovery.

Welcome to the Fountain of Wellness.

Environmental Health

In our generation, the generation that lives on planet earth today; we are about to experience the 6th mass extinction of our planet. The 5th was the dinosaurs. This mass extinction is multi-species and will definitely occur if we continue to sit back and pretend this is just the latest noise from the loud mouth Greenpeace activists.

Pollution and over population factors have triggered a global warming trend creating the same climate change that melted the Ice Age. We are losing our polar caps and there is no reversing this.

Extinction has no boundaries, borders, or cultural lines; you are included on this list.

We have the technology that offers renewable and green energy resources but we can not create this model of sustainability with our current buying habits and attitudes.

Within the arenas of biotechnology and nanotechnology, especially as they relate to our battle with disease control, we are pushing the envelope without a sandbox safety zone to research and observe the future affects these experiments will have on our ability to live a quality life.

Our environment, the Earth, is on the edge of tipping passed the ability to sustain life. Except maybe for the cockroach.

We humans are responsible for this current environmental health issue.

environmental health

Physical Health and Mental Health

Physical activity and mental stimulation are some of the best anti aging solutions available AND they are essentially cost free.

What is the price we pay to postpone aging? The many faces of Michael Jackson, albeit an extreme case, exposed some very scary images as his mask slipped and was re-built over time. The race for anti aging solutions and new medicines for our diseases has stepped fully into the biotech industry. What was science fiction 20 years ago is now a normal way of life for us. Strange viral and bacterial mutations are thriving in this new era, challenging the doctors we turn to for help.

Returning to the fundamentals of nutrition based on eating 'real live' food; not the plasticized long shelf life stuff that's marketed for your convenience and somehow called food, is the best strategy for gaining back our health as well as actually improving our immune system. Coupled with some necessary physical activity and detox programs to clean the polluted environment that is in our body and we have mother nature's recipe for a balanced life of wellness.

There really isn't any secret to a healthy happy life. You've heard this before - Just Do It.

The latest discoveries on how the brain is able to repair itself has presented wonderful insight into our healing and aging process. Here sits the fascinating connection between mind and body. There are games to play that will increase cognitive thinking skills while music and color therapy have a profound affect on mental and emotional stress.

Depression is an overwhelming sense of loss: loss of respect, loss of control, loss of health, loss of love, loss of life. This need not be.

Spiritual Health and Social Health

The prophecy of change, the philosophy of life, spirituality, and spiritual healing all hold beautiful opportunities to lift us from a mundane uninspired life. Whether we view life as too long or too short, these channels of self expression have played a major role in catalyzing great moments in our human history.

Without purpose and motivation we are lost. Without forgiveness we are fearful and cruel.

Today, apathy and skepticism have replaced creative thinking. Our lack of social and spiritual health is reflected across the issues we face in both our local and global community. We have been educating for a dumbed down society for too long. Get out from in front of that television!

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was, and never will be.”
-Thomas Jefferson

Health is a state of well-being. Knowledge is the key.

We are beyond discussing global warming or initiating peace talks. We are done listening to the rhetoric on capital hill and throughout the media channels…we must activate real solutions.

We ask hard hitting questions not only to get the answers, but to get the creative juices flowing for us all. We are researching the renewable energy, water, and sustainable farming techniques that give us clear cut steps that empower us to make decisions for our community. Our governments and representatives have lost their objective view and their heart required to make these changes. The change will come from each of us, are you ready for the change?

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.”
-Albert Einstein

The Fountain of Wellness is all about that touch of genius. We take this journey back to a healthy state of humanity one step at a time.

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Be gentle.


  Respect for all.

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Remember that sometimes silence is the best answer.

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Make Agreements with integrity and heart. Most of today's agreements are made out of fear; we can easily change them into agreements of love without guilt.


Caution: Your participation with this site may be hazardous to your dis-ease, illness, and generally low quality of life. Side effects may include: laughter, peace of mind, self empowerment, self respect, increased sense of joy, higher level of energy and an absolutely overwhelming desire to dance with passion and have a great time!

As with all things, there is a dynamic flow to this website. We will grow and discover many things over time. Visit us often and add your voice. Please, share your knowledge.

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