Physical Health

The human body is an exquisitely designed vehicle. At conception it is built from a blueprint (DNA) and when all goes well, by birth we are the proud owners of our individual and unique model of Self expression and transportation. How glorious!

Today this vehicle is expected to operate for 77.7 years. Most of us have lost our owner’s manual along the way so let’s begin with the basics. There is no magic pill for operating your vehicle properly, but there are keys!

The average American watches four hours of TV per day!

In order for our body to operate properly, which most importantly includes the brain; we need stimulation, nutrition, hydration, and physical activity.

This will be an on-going collection of articles designed to help us remember and achieve a life lived fully. There is a direct correlation between nutrition, physical activity, and disease. We will report the latest research on the effects a detox program has on our anti aging or aging factors, depending on how you look at it; and how the brain continues to reveal unprecedented abilities to heal.

21 Century Disease

We will touch deeply into the challenges we face with newly emerging diseases like Lyme, MRSA Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, and Morgellons. For example, Morgellons has been linked to exposure with certain biotechnologies or advanced nano materials; a type of toxic pollution within our body tissues.

Tired of taking another pill for the latest health issue you face today?

There are therapeutic technologies available that can stimulate our natural immune system so we can walk healthy and confident through these strange times...

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The Brain

The brain is such a gorgeous 'thinking' organ that will learn and grow by interacting with the world through perception and action.

The study of the mind body connection reveals how mental stimulation and physical activity improves brain function and actually protects against cognitive decline.

The human brain is able to continually adapt, growing new neurons, and rewiring itself even in old age. Simple brain games can counteract most age-related losses in memory or motor skills.

Learn something new everyday and these vital benefits will ripple throughout your entire being.

Strokes are a leading cause of serious, long-term disability; an estimated 15 percent to 30 percent of stroke survivors are permanently disabled. However; with the latest technologies in the infrared imagery, we have discovered the brain’s ability to heal after sustaining massive damage...

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Physical Activity

This doesn’t mean no pain, no gain but if you don’t use it, you will lose it! Again, these are the fundamental rules of engagement within the matrix of our body forms. It isn’t rocket science. What is most amazing about our body is that it will respond positively to the smallest amount of attention...

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Consider this: we all know the effects of industrial pollution and we expect it to be cleaned up. The body is bombarded with many sources of pollution: substance use and abuse, artificial foods and sweeteners, chemical toxicity, parasites, mold and fungus…all of these attribute to a state of poor health and must be cleaned up.

In this section, we will connect the idea that disease and aging are directly related to cellular toxicity and how by releasing or detoxing that pollution we literally undo this process. We will highlight the latest medical research that proves this to be true...

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Nutrition is Our Best Medicine

What happens to your car if you put anything but the correct fuel in it’s tank? Most of us would not even think of challenging this rule. The body is no different. Unfortunately eating has become a race for many. We are being sold the idea that faster is better and speed of preparation matters most for our 'busy lifestyles' when really it is more like 'stressed out' life styles.

We have completely forgotten the true function and joy of nutrition.

Here we take on the direct relationship between how you feel and what you eat. If you are willing to listen to your body, you will discover for yourself the direct correlation between nutrition and disease. We have recipes, don't worry. To publish soon.

What do Aging and Anti Aging have in Common?

The fountain of youth has long been a part of humankind’s legendary history. It is supposedly how Florida was originally discovered. Again, there is no magic pill but there is a fountain of energy, a spring of wellness inside each of us.

We challenge the ideas of what health and wellness really mean… After all, if you don’t actually live your life, what good is longevity? To publish soon.

Each step along the path of your life is your choice.

Educate yourself, activate yourself, participate with your Self!

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Our health will come naturally when we restore the balance between environmental, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health. This healthy change will come when we educate, collaborate, and participate. Change is coming, are you prepared?