Detoxifying the body is a major key to our health for the 21st Century. This is a very important concept to understand and one of the most important elements to mastering our health.

If we keep in mind the fact that our bodies are the natural environment; the habitat that we ‘live in’, then we can easily understand how it is imperative to keep it clean. When the body becomes polluted, then detoxification is necessary in order to clean up the toxic and poisonous materials within our systems.

Arthritis and arterial scelrosis are but a few of the perfect examples that are caused by the deposits and calcifications of materials within one of our body systems.

In this section, we will connect the idea that disease and aging are directly related to cellular toxicity and how by releasing or detoxing that pollution we literally undo this process. We will highlight the latest medical research that proves this to be true.

From our inception to present day, each of us has been exposed to some type of toxicity. Many of the chemicals, heavy metals, and foreign invaders we have been in contact with are stored in our cell tissues. When our organs, joints, and/or muscles become laden with a certain amount of pollution, they simply stopped working well and this leads to cellular dysfunction and the demise of our entire system aka disease.

If you have been in an acute or chronically ill state of health, we recommend that you know your 'enemy', it can take some extensive testing to determine exactly what you were exposed to, but this is essential to your full recovery.

We will list and review the best detox plans, including recipes, colon cleasing, and Far Infrared aka infrared therapy to detoxify your body.

Detox Cellular Tonic

Detoxing the body is a holistic approach to regaining your health and vitality. Whether you are actively dealing with a disease or a challenging health condition; including joint pain, digestive distress, or generally low energy, a detox program is an essential aspect...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Detoxifying with Far Infrared

Dr. Staninger has become one of the leading researchers in the benefits of FIR therapy (Far Infrared Radiant). She has personally stated that if there was only one thing she could have in her ‘How to stay healthy in the 21 Century’ medicine cabinet – she would pick the MPS Global FIR therapy...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

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