Disease in the 21 Century

Lyme Disease, Do You Have It?

In the 21 Century, disease has already created a whole new array of challenges for our traditional medical community. Diseases like Lyme disease has an ability to mimic so many other afflictions including chronic diseases like Lupus, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, rheumatoid arthritis...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

What is Morgellons Disease?

On the newly emerging scene is Morgellons which the CDC has coined an unexplained dermopathy or skin condition. Because there is so little media coverage on this condition, it remains a mystery to the general public. The truth is there are experts in the medical field that have been researching and successfully treating this condition for several years...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

CDC and Morgellons

Ever since writing the first article, 'What is Morgellons Disease?' back in July of 09, we have been faithfully monitoring the CDC website to see what and when they would have any useful information on this mysterious skin condition or unexplained dermopathy.

There are no answers in their latest communication...not a single piece of information on Morgellons or Morgellons symptoms that has any value...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Understanding Disease With Staninger Toxicology

The following report is a case study submitted to the NREP, National Registry of Environmental Professionals, by Dr. Staninger in Oct 2009. Dr. Staninger’s approach to health, disease treatment, and disease prevention are based on her lifetime research on health effects of our exposure to environmental toxins…Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Building a better immune system

Back to Basics...back in high school biology class we learned our bodies are given what should be the ultimate defense system called the immune system. When the immune system is depressed...soon to publish.

Disease prevention is at the top of our list for preparing for the health concerns of the 21 Century. FIR therapy is an amazing technology that will actually stimulate our immune system to deal with the infectious diseases...soon to publish.

Vaccines and Vaccinations, everything you may not want to know!

We all grew up being immunized with vaccines as a normal protocol that our doctors and the AMA recommend as a viable plan to fight off diseases. With recent coverage on the vaccination called 'vaccine A' from the military, it is once again time to look closer...soon to publish.

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