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Physical Activity, Move It Or Lose It!

This really isn't rocket science. We are human beings; therefore, we are physical beings. If anything, we have simply lost our Owner's Manual and luckily here is a replacement.

Our bodies are our vehicles. If you park a car for a long period of time, what happens? It won't start without a jump, the tires will decay into the lopsided shape of the spot they were parked on, and all the fluids and filters will need changing before you can safely drive it. ...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Physical Activity With Yoga

Yoga is a physical exercise program that offers a surprising amount of “flexibility” into your routine for feeling and looking better. If you are looking for an exercise program that requires little or no equipment, is easy to learn, and offers stress relief while toning your body...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Stress Relief

How do you spell relief? Stress relief is one of the best 'side affects' to an exercise program. The medical science behind this truth has to do with the release of be published.

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can be one of the best 'investments' you make for your physical health. When beginning an exercise program, one of the biggest obstacles is motivation be published.

Be Your Own Fitness Trainer

This will be our 'how to' series of exercise articles as we focus on the basic principles of a fitness training program. Age ole misnomers like "Will all my fat turn into muscle?", or "I don't want to do strength training exercises because I don't want big muscles", will be wrestled down with some plain old be published.
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Owner's Manual

Consider this website as
"The Owner’s Manual for
the 21st Century Human".

Our health will come naturally when we restore the balance between environmental, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and financial health. This healthy change will come when we educate, collaborate, and participate. Change is coming, are you prepared?