The Brain

Jill Bolte Taylor is a stroke survivor. Back in December of 1996, she suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, this is a stroke caused by a blood vessel exploding, in the left hemisphere of her brain. This side of the brain governs our calculating intelligence, the speech center that helps us understand language, and the more obvious of stroke symptoms the paralysis of the right arm.

Today, her message of stroke recovery speaks to all of us both in scientific terms and within the aspects of consciousness and the connection of mind and body. Read the transcript of this video...

How To Train The Brain

No matter what our age, we can train our brain to think clearer and faster with brain exercises. We can increase our thinking skills, our creative thinking, and our memory...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

Strokes and Stroke Recovery

Strokes have actually played an integral part of understanding the brain for medical scientists over the last decade or so. It was once believed that massive stroke recovery was physically be published.

The Mind Body Phenomenon

The mind body connection is a fascinating arena that often crosses into a more spiritual or philosophical conversation. The articles here will present the evidence for the direct correlation between mindfulness and sober thinking which in turn will raise the healthy awareness of our physical be published.

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