Philosophy of Change

Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
-Albert Einstein

Isn't it fascinating to find out that one of histories greatest scientists of all time, Albert Einstein, was not only deeply philosophical but also a very religious man.

What he discovered through his pondering not only became some of the most famous equations proving the intricate workings of the physical universe but brought him into a significant relationship with God. Indeed, he was a brilliant thinker, deep philosopher, and man of extra-ordinary significance in our modern day.

There are so many great philosophies to guide and facilitate a higher level of thought for Mankind. Now, more than ever we need to return to our practical wisdom for the deep consideration that can spark the question that delivers the answer.

Philosophy has the ability to consider deeply the relationship between cause and effect and open our eyes to the consequences for our actions. It may very well save us from being stuck in a cataclysmic moment of fear and desperation – like waking up from a bad dream and realizing how much the situation was born and then fed by the imagination.

Hopi Ancient Philosophy

Tribes of indigenous peoples throughout history and around the world have developed many rich philosophies and are sharing it with us in this dynamic time. The Hopi Nation lineage comes from the ancient Pueblo Peoples or Anasazi…Read more by clicking the link on the above title. Asking The I Ching Oracle

Chinese Philosophy has a history of several thousand years and is said to have originated from Yi Jing or the I Ching, Book of Changes. It was used by the Chinese to explore the meaning of human affairs, government policy, and most widely used as an almanac for farming and hunting. Over the centuries many famous people, including Confucius and Carl Jung, spent their lives studying this infamous oracle.

One of the best ways to write about the benefits of consulting this ancient philosophy and practical wisdom is to share a personal reference...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

The Toltec Ancestral Philosophy The Four Agreements is a modern book about an ancestral philosophy and ancient wisdom. It is based on the teachings of a tribe from the Pre-Columbian era of central Mexico. There is some debate as to whether there actually was a genuine ethnicity named ‘Toltec’ or merely a myth of the Aztec civilization...Read more by clicking the link on the above title.

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