Spiritual Health And Musical Accompaniment

On a day when things feel more than overwhelming, music can save your mortal soul.

There is no easier way to lift your spiritual health than letting a song take you away for awhile. Play this video and let this moment transform you. Let time and space disappear and then share it with someone else.

Just a few other music suggestions:

Vivaldi, Four Seasons
U2, One (or anything else of theirs)
Classic gospel that brings down the house
Sarah Mclachlan, Angel
Meet Joe Black, soundtrack theme song
Powder, soundtrack theme song
12 Great Rays, www.miraclesmusic.com

And for those with a desire to actively express yourself, then check out this site: http://www.puresolo.com

They have a great library of music set up as your own personal karaoke studio that you can record and share if this so moves you. Or simply sing along and lighten your soul!


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